Who Do I Know That I AM

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How do I explain or provide a detailed description about ‘knowing”? Having the facility to ‘just know’ the efficacy of something opens doors to additional exploration for my curiosity. There is a process that comes with ‘knowing’.

Intuitive knowing explores the realm of possibility without the mind mapping out a direction. It takes on a pattern. A heart felt directive exploring an idea’s trail; embracing new concepts as we take ownership; and wrapping ourselves in it’s behavior in order to learn and experience the impact of the cause (acting as if).

This has been an experiential process whereby, I become enveloped in the process with conviction and without judgment.

This is a process from which I learned about ‘just knowing’ about the truth of something. I involved myself with a new idea. After ruminating and entertaining additional exploration, thoughts come to my attention. The thought process is like a gigantic web of information, perhaps like a spider weaving the fabric of its universe around itself. This web of information defines who I AM and how I view my existence. Hundreds and thousands of times in this lifetime, from childhood, my youth, as a young adult and now in later adulthood, I have sorted things. Sifted ideals to either be included or excluded; which resulted in things to be in my life or to be out of my life. Basically what fits for me? Can you imagine the many paths that I have gone down and circled back to my main journey? Always exploring the idea, wearing it for fit and suitability while aiming to experience its impact.

A lifetime of being vulnerable to questions either from myself or from others. The old saying “all who wander are not lost”. For those who are seekers of the truth of their soul’s purpose there is a lifetime of attempting to be accountable and justifiable. As for my personal and professional life, I have repeatedly adapted to new environments to fit into the mainstream of things in this society and local cultural customs and mores. Adaptability is resilience. Attempting to fit, many times over, into the infracture of this 3rd dimensional social fabric. Working in and with the various religious, political, social, familial and economic systems to recognize a sense and a familiarity of being at home.

In reviewing life’s circumstances I see the things which have not worked for me. What causes me to ask ‘why’,’ why not’ and try over and over. This has led me to become more exclusive and inclusive of persons, things and ideas into my life. Seaching for my soul’s purpose. I have either excluded or included into my life by “my knowing”. As I searched to learn that which is true for me, has come by experience. Repetition of experiences was validating each truth of my experience and for my life.

My process of ‘knowing’ is when a concept becomes my authentic truth and strengthens the legitimacy of an idea.

I feel an obligation to you the reader who maybe needs additional supportive cognitive information. I suppose I could list various authors for you to research, however, this would be someone else’s recipe.

Ten years ago, during my all but brief stay in Pagosa Springs, CO, an acquaintance asked if I had heard about Wingmakers. The Wingmakers material was placed on the internet. I began to search the internet and located the information, then several years later I came upon a related website, Lyricus Teaching Order. I found the information stimulating to my curiosity and broadened the scope and realm of possibility for self discovery. I read the information, downloaded material, received copies of poetry, art work, and music from CD’s as well as registered to receive the latest releases of information.

In previous discussions with some acquaintances, as well as with myself, there was wondering about the material’s efficacy. Yes, I wondered, yet I continued to be drawn towards it. My curiosity was encouraged. I learned of my vastness. Catching glimpses of my presence in parallel universes and claiming placement in Divine Hyperspace. In awe, I turned to current writers of science, picked books about superstring theory, space/time and the nature of reality. I re-read The Keys of Enoch, going through and underlining the Urantia Book , finding consolation in the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East and the ancient alternative scriptures. I learned by making comparisons that these resources offered a similar thread of self realization. My mind does not grasp the entirety of the merging of science and spiritually, but my heart resonates and continues to wheel toward this understanding. It is a matter of the heart.

The vastness of us is beyond the comprehension of our mind. As John Berges wrote in the When-Which-How Practice: a guide for everyday use: “Our skin is not the boundary of ourselves. The space between us is precisely what connects us, and we move into the next dimension of our selfhood we earn the opportunity to experience a new transparency into wholeness and a new accessibility to our heart’s intuitive guidance”.

Science and spiritually are merging. The Wingmakers material predicted it, physicists discover the emergence and write about it, the shamans and philosophers postulate the insight. We are being introduced to the universal field and we participate in this realm as co-creators. Taking the path to the Universal Field we are guided by the compass of our heart’s intuitive knowing.

As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts. Please feel free to share them here.


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  1. Alana said,

    on May 7th, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    My dear friend, what a delight to read your writings here and to reconnect with your light presence in this way. I appreciate your knowing Karen, and I so enjoy and value your presence as always…and in all ways.

    I couldn’t stop reading whilst having flashbacks, rembrances of times spent together, especially out in nature reconnecting consciously with Mother Earth and enjoying the presence of spirit within and all around us.

    And…YES..regarding the Wingmaker material, I remember you mentioning it to me all those years ago, and once I could access a computer and get online, I did follow-up to read some of the material. I also bought a couple of albums to enjoy.

    I definitely welcome the opportunity to dialogue with you even as I am across the sea…enjoying this re-connectivity… I welcome the remembering of our common-unity in support of us all remembering the love of who we are.

    Your sister Alana in NZ

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