Coming Together In Synchronicity

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Awakening from a night of fitful sleep, I climbed out of bed very drowsy from roller coaster night of leg, arm and lower back pain. Quick to consider all of the physical causes and reasons for feeling like I had been hit by a Mack Truck, I am learning to discern. It is the Energy!

Wondering about the frequency vibrations which are settling upon Terra Gaia and how it is impacting my body, I lumber into the living room, walking with a very slow and shuffling gait. I was feeling dissatisfied with myself.
It is the Energy!

Sometimes I can be very quick to entertain judgment about myself. Criticism that is flavored with dismay; having not lost enough weight, having not been eating the ‘right foods’, to few hours of exercise, and there is more, or not enough and so on and so forth. This tirade on myself has been taking short cuts as of late. It is the Energy! I have been less critical of myself for much shorter periods of time.

This is a welcomed relief. I have learned to take a breath and in doing so, I’m nudged by an insight, It is the Energy! “you are who and what your affirmations have been guiding you towards”.

Hurray! I can move on to the next “nudge” or understanding that is to come to my attention.

The ‘nudge’ can be very simple, and was for me to get ready for the day. I needed to shower, do my hair and my nails in preparation for ‘maybe’ being called to a critical incident stress management assignment. I told the company, with whom I’m contracted, that I would be available today and this weekend. Thus, my needing to become ‘sort of prepared’ for a call to provide immediate critical incident stress management intervention. The bulk of my private practice is the facilitation of CISM.

As a licensed independent clinical social worker in private practice, I have been using Thought Field Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing techniques for clients with traumatic experience and post traumatic stress syndrome. In May of 07, I left a position as a management services consultant to began expanding my private practice. I have experienced myself being positioned to work in more and more circumstances of trauma, workplace injury and death, natural disasters, robberies, theft and man made disasters. And for individual counseling of clients coming there has been early childhood trauma issues, and some come with a variety of current traumas.

My career challenges are in alignment with some of my Spiritual Writings and Visioning that I did over 10 years ago. However, allow me to digress from a chronology of events, as I would like to explain additional examples of ‘nudges’.

I have been following a ‘nudge’ which began in 1996:

“I am positioning myself to be available for earth disasters and to be sent to the people in these areas to offer professional intervention on a one to one basis as well as provide psychological first aide support. I have learned that upon my being there in a Presence of Divine Love I offer a transmutation of the energy surrounding the disasters.”

As we know the energy that people magnetize and have attachment with hold impact for Terra Gaia, and transmutation, clearing and cleansing the traumatic field is important to be rid of the emotional and mental pollution that the disasters bring to the Earth and the people living in that space.

But, wait a minute! In the midst of March 2008, maybe my plans will be changing. Many of the web blog writers offer much conversation about an energetic surge from the mulitiverse all of which will be changing things. As we learn and know the frequency vibration is changing all of the social fabric and cultural institutions. Seemingly like setting us and all that is in our 3rd Dimensional experience on it’s proverbial head. They say, we can be expecting to have our life very different. Letting go of the old ways of seeing, living, doing and to entertain ‘just being’. So, I seem to be needing to allow myself to transition from task oriented and riveted on accomplishments to the settling in this place of BEING. This is the hard part, but I learned that I have my ‘nudges’ to accompany my decision making. I am not alone. It is the Energy!

An approach I use to remain in the present, in the eternal now of my current centeredness with my spirit and soul purpose, is to practice frequent and regular mediation. My mediation theme is centered through the heart energy and divine love from the Source of My Being. Thus I was accessing understanding and information from my heart center. This allows me to hear from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence ideas and understanding through the ‘nudges’ which are heart centered.

Recently, I succumbed to the flu. I had a flu fever and in bed for 6 days with 4 other days recovering from being ‘laid up’. I practiced accessing my inner truth from my heart center during this ‘down time’ to learn about how the surge of higher energy is impacting my consciousness and awareness. The flu, fever and being physically uncomfortable was causing me to be unhappy, in judgment, opinionated over being sick and impatient. I learned from the various dream videos how things work for me and they whirled past very fast and I requested that they slow down so that I could understand the videos. I was given additional opportunities to learn from additional dream videos and they slowed down from which I learned.

I was provided with a video which demonstrated what I am calling ‘multidimensional matrix of my other selves with empowerment of action set through divine will’. The matrix was a pyramid. This pyramid shape was fashioned in the concept of a ‘rubik cube’. Each side of each rubik cube had a face of a sentient being, a human face. All of the various faces were animated and held expressions – some were of profiles and others were head shots. This rubik cube phenomenon demonstrated that cubes had the capability of being in motion. Some where whirling in very slow motion; others were as a still shot, while yet others were speeding around with faces indistinguishable. The rubik cube pyramid was action, some life streams were whirling in a vertical directions, others were moving in a horizontal movement. Cubes were either moving faster, standing still or moving very slowly.

Things are being aligned and our waiting affects all of us in this massive alignment process. We are being aligned with other life streams as I like to say, ‘my other selves’. The multidimensional matrix of my other selves speaks to my choice of clearly stating my intention and my choice of Being in accord with Divine Will and in Divine Timing. Experiencing the organic flow associated with the multidimensional matrix of my other selves provided me an opportunity to embrace the whole of Divine Will In Divine Timing. The newly arriving energy from the higher realms provides me with a renewed patience to wait and see and an opportunity to practice self forgiveness.

Leaving the old reality where we can no longer make things happen by ourselves, but we are activated through the multidimensional matrix which is geared up to move when all is ready or in alignment. I believe that in order to entertain my activities from my ‘nudges’ that I need to withdraw through the future. The dream video has shown the reality of being in alignment to a larger vision and process of accomplishment. In synchronicity I become animated upon being in alignment with Divine Will and Divine Timing.


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