Chronicle of Earth Wisdom

Ξ November 4th, 2007 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Earth Empath |

Through the years, I have collected many experiences.  There were ( and still are) situations and events that have come to my attention by watching things of life on this wonderful and beautiful planet.  My collections of stories about Earth Wisdom comes from a variety of sources.  Not unlike a great aunt, who had accumulated walls and walls of salt and pepper shaker sets.  Through her long and hard life, she found many sets and created rows and rows of these ceramic artifacts of year’s gone bye and long ago memories.  Walls in her dining room were achieves of prairie lore.

Each set commanded a story, an interesting and noteworthy story.  For those of us who would inquire about a specific set, we were compelled to listen.  And, we were entertained with dramatic characterizations, flowing details and spectacular descriptions.  The ceramic folk art came to life, as great aunt offered an explanation surrounding her acquisitions through travel, auctions, holiday presents, inheritance, or from a planned shopping trip.  Personalities were dramatized, Seasons remembered; family soft spots embellished and community historical accounts were recited.  Great aunt knew all about each set.

Friends, neighbors and relatives encircled great aunt in her mementos of life.

I offer these pages to be shared.  Each of us will draw upon our imaginary salt and pepper shaker set.  We will be telling each other stories of Earth Wisdom.  I would like to learn of the promptings you received, the nudges urging you to notice; discoveries you happened upon all of which bought your attention as a significant and wise accounting.  Earth’s Wisdom arrives in many forms and times of least expectation.  I seek consul from those of you who acquire insight and knowing from wind and silence; rivers and oceans; mountains and plains; hills and prairies; bays and inlets of water; rocks and gems; four legged; flying ones and creeping crawlies.

As the most beautiful planet in the Galaxy of the Milky Way, Terra Gaia has much to say; as well as offering her wisdom while we in silence listen.


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