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When I requested Samuel’s permission to print the last blog entry, he asked that I include this addendum.

 Here is Samuel Welsh addendum.

I have now used the Zero Point Dispensation Intention for well over a week, monitoring my progress, and I can conclusively say, “The more you invoke and use this intention, the deeper and more profound will be its’ impact.” It is as if we have millions of layers of karmic charge stored over hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. Each invocation helps to address another layer of charge by bringing it into balance.

Sometimes I sense nothing after stating the invocation. At other times, surges of energy flow through my body. And whenever I feel a negative emotional charge arising, I immediately invoke the intention. After many repetitions, I am feeling a sweet peace and calm entering my life.

I keep a running tally (hatch marks) of the number of invocations I have made. My personal guidance was to do at least 144. I may be guided to do more when I reach that goal. So, I have incorporated the invocation of the Zero Point Dispensation Intention as part of my daily practice.

My recommendation: Do the invocation at least 60 times and monitor the shifts that occur for you. If the shifts “feels good,” reconsider doing some more.

As we enter the new year and subsequent years, the Zero Point hologram will remain present within the planetary energy field. So, you can continue to use the Zero Point Dispensation Intention now and in the future to invoke and integrate the Zero Point within your awareness.

– Best, Samuel

The Zero Point Dispensation Intention“I invite in the Masters overseeing the Zero Point Dispensation, the awareness beyond all polarity and duality, which embraces Absolute and Total Balance. (pause)

I also invite all souls who are ready to join me in choosing to receive the Zero Point Dispensation. (pause)  Let us make the following intention individually and collectively.

From the Lord God of my Being and the Divine Essence that I am, I choose to fully receive and embody the highest and purest expression of the Zero Point Dispensation. I ask that it be integrated into all levels of my body and being and into the deepest levels of consciousness and matter.

I choose it be integrated into all my karma and karmic patterns, past, present, and future. I choose it be integrated into my DNA, and into my causal, mental, and emotional bodies. I choose it be integrated into my soul matrix.

I choose it be integrated into all my chakras and crystalline grids, on and off my body.

I choose it be integrated through all time and space, all domains and realities. And I choose this integration be taken to completion, that it is stabilized, and sealed.

So be it and so it is.” 


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