It’s No Easy Task Living Consciously with Heart, But It Is Happening

Ξ January 6th, 2008 | → 0 Comments | ∇ Conscious Living |

It would seem living through the heart would become easier. Many of us have been focusing upon this understanding of being heart centered through the teachings of Jesus. Since the time of Jesus, many of the religious orders and institutions have offered a variety of approaches to be living from the heart. Jesus was the one of many to have manifested the heart energy into this 3rd dimension. Some of us are aware of the dilution and bastardization which was imposed upon his teachings as well as those of other Masters’ teachings. I for one, became discouraged with their lack of truth in what they created as gospel.

When the new wave of understanding arrived with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, I began to listen to the inner promptings of my heart without the filters and screens of organized religion. The search for my truth began to intensify. For me, there is no ending point, only a journey of many paths. Many branches to follow, try out with testing and learning the appropriateness of it speaking to my heart. Basically, does the concept appeal to my developing mastery and validating my Divine Being in a Human LifeStream mandated to materialize spirit in this dimension?

Since the mid 90’s I have been accessing information regarding the power of intention and affirmations. I find setting intentions is a freedom to explore and create with passion. My daily steps taken fulfill my journey’s quest. Repeating affirmations reveals the nature of my Being and becomes the definition of awareness of who I Am. When I become aware that I Have Become My Affirmation, I create a new definition of awareness of Who I AM. This becomes established and is revealed to me through the prompting of my inner heart.

Most of us have a cognitive means of maintaining our Center Point, the balance between 3rd Dimension Materialism, Illusions and 5th Dimension Unity of the One Heart, All In One or At-One-Ment. I have learned that my daily journey is not without struggle. I can be sincerely tethered to my intentions and affirmation, however, I forget to acknowledge my internal history of ‘old story’ that needs to be addressed and validated. Old encumbrances, self defeating patterns, negative concepts and 3D illusions and distractions will sometimes surface and fight for my attention to comfort my ego. At this time, my ego demands that I take action and express those unsavory parts. I suspect this could be seen in the metaphor of walking my pet and companion dog. She loves the outdoors and especially the woods.

A ritual of excitement and joy surrounds the experience that my dog has when I take her for walks in the woods. She is tethered to a 26 foot leash, which allows her to hunt, sniff and seek moles, voles or scare rabbits. I am not following her on her hunt, we both are following a path which allows us to enjoy the walk through the woods, a walk with a few snares and snags with the underbrush. I continually need to bring my dog’s attention back to the leash by pulling her away from her distraction of hunting, sniffing and digging for varmints. My pull on the leash interrupts her from her myriad distractions and she’s back on track. Well, I had an outburst of ego that got me back on track! After I (to my chagrin) had entertained my ego with comforting strokes.

This week, I set out to practice and engage in the discipline of the genuine and energetic heart. Using the practice of the Virtuous Cycle of Divine Love from the Great Central Sun as a Conscious Connection in the Eternal Now. I decided to experience the discipline while attending and participating in a large meeting format. I recorded my conscious awareness and activation of the Heart Energetics being available for the Divine Love to flow through me to the group. Practicing while in the company of a professional meeting with several different populations, law enforcement, fire and emergency services, mental health, chaplains and emergency dispatchers. This was very intense, and allowed me to be present cognitively and with heart centered energy.

Two days of intense discipline in engaging my attention and conscious awareness of calling forth the energetics from the Great Central Sun. I gleamed this method from the WingMakers Material ( which is also available from the Lyricus Teaching ( The process is called Virtuous Cycle Technique. It generates the positive outcomes of living from the heart in all dimensions of one’s life.

Following each of the 2 days, at night I noticed weariness , being tired, drained, and assigned myself that I needed rest. I believe that since I was tuning into the energy of the Great Central Sun for 8 hours plus each day and a couple of times within each hour, my 3D body was requiring rest. I was not energized as I thought I should be. However, the Eternal Now is ever present and in the moment. But, I felt let down, and I was distracted by the weariness. Yet, I seemingly was aware this was only natural to experience since I had been working with Higher Energetics for a 48 hour period.

On the third day, I had an outburst of ego. It was the weekend, and there were no professional obligations to address.

The outburst of ego, was characterized with thoughts that as my needs were not being attended or met. I felt unappreciated, disliked, not recognized for my professional accomplishments, ignored and defensive. This was definitely all ‘mental and mind stuff’. Actually, I allowed myself to have a verbal barrage with my house partner. I became angry over a miscommunication, in fact I caught myself yelling. All the while, saying to myself: “this is not you”, “this is not who you are”, I don’t want to feel this way and I don’t want to sound like this” All along I was noticing that my right side of my body was aching, right wrist hurting, right shoulder was painful, right chest congested, and sinuses and teeth on my face’s right side was hurting. Could it be that my masculine personality was erupting for attention, since I was intensely working from my Heart Center for 48 hours straight?

I propose that I am needing to recognize the necessity of balance. There is an importance of maintaining the center of masculine and feminine being in balance. I have reached a new level of reality and believe that this has created a time of new beginnings for myself and those around me.