12:12 Zero Point Dispensation and Winter Solstice

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 This enrty is from a friend who shared with me his insights into changes in  and around our world.  Since the monring of 12/12/07 before my receiving Samual Welch’s e-mail, I had vivid scenios in my dreamtime.  One of the last messages that I received being called out to me from my dream was” the war is canceled”.   Only the night before in conversation with a friend, had I talked about my family karma is finished.

Here is Samuel Welsh’s information of which he gave me permission to print.

          On December 12th, a spiritual dispensation was made available to all souls on Earth. It embodies a level of awareness largely unknown to this planet which I am calling “Zero Point.” The dispensation potentially grants us the ability to bring-to-balance all of our karmic patterns in this and all of our lives; a chance to step off the wheel of karma.Karma: On this dimension, any negative charge we carry (such as unresolved childhood traumas) will continue to call-in negative experiences until we balance it with a positive charge. On the other hand, if we receive a strong positive charge (say, receive a spiritual initiation) then the negative charges we carry will come forward to be balanced-out. In some circles this is called “processing.”So, we are continually in a ‘see-saw pattern’ as we oscillate from positive to negative charge (and from negative to positive) in an attempt to find balance. This could also be said to occur as we move from one life to the next. We attempt in our present life to balance out the charges created in our “previous lives”.However, on every see-saw there is a pivotal point of balance for the sides moving up and down. The fulcrum is the mid-point and represents the point of neutrality. In the same way, there is a level of consciousness that represents the balance between all polarity bound thought and emotion.I have chosen to call this pivotal balance point in awareness as the Zero Point.

The 12:12 Zero Point Dispensation (which came in on Dec.12th) offers us a state of awareness beyond polarity and duality, where our perception no longer places a positive or negative spin on any concept or form. In duality/polarity thinking (“this is right and that is wrong”) we put a positive or negative emotional spin on something we perceive and thus call-in the need at some point, to balance out that spin with the opposite charge. However, at Zero Point Awareness, we are already at balance. The karmic need to balance out charges no longer exists.

I perceive the 12:12 Zero Point Dispensation as a hologram that carries the awareness of absolute and total balance. It was infused and integrated in the planet’s energy field and the energy body of the collective during the opening of the 12:12 energy portal. It is now here to stay.

However, being a free-will planet, its full integration within our being still requires our choice to accept it. It is knocking on the door, yet we still need to open the door to let it in. I have included an intention you can use (or modify as you wish) that expresses the choice to integrate the 12:12 Zero Point Dispensation. You can use this intention individually or in groups. I believe that the more you repeat this intention, the greater its impact will be for you.

Create a sacred space in any way you see fit. When you feel present and ready, say:

“I invite in the Masters overseeing the Zero Point Dispensation, the awareness beyond all polarity and duality, which embraces Absolute and Total Balance. (pause)I also invite all souls who are ready to join me in choosing to receive the Zero Point Dispensation. (pause)  Let us make the following intention individually and collectively.From the Lord God of my Being and the Divine Essence that I am, I choose to fully receive and embody the highest and purest expression of the Zero Point Dispensation. I ask that it be integrated into all levels of my body and being and into the deepest levels of consciousness and matter.I choose it be integrated into all my karma and karmic patterns, past, present, and future. I choose it be integrated into my DNA, and into my causal, mental, and emotional bodies. I choose it be integrated into my soul matrix.

I choose it be integrated into all my chakras and crystalline grids, on and off my body

I choose it be integrated through all time and space, all domains and realities. And I choose this integration be taken to completion, that it is stabilized, and sealed.

So be it and so it is.

The Winter Solstice

The 2007 Winter Solstice influx began on December 9th. It will rise in amplitude and crest on December 22nd and 23rd (Full Moon). Its’ amplitude will then decrease and fade by the end of the month (Dec.31st) .The Zero Point Dispensation came in after the Winter Solstice influx began. I perceive the Zero Point Dispensation as riding the Winter Solstice wave. So, as the Winter Solstice gains power, so to will the Zero Point Dispensation gain amplitude and presence
I believe there is no coincidence these energies are coupled together. The Winter Solstice energies appear to be about re-calibrating our energetic body grids. The 12:12 Zero Point Dispensation, is the vibrational awareness to which our energy body grids
can be re-calibrated.

I suggest you conduct the aforementioned intention daily throughout the 2007 Winter Solstice period. December 22nd and 23th should be particularly potent days.
Samuel – Minneapolis, Minn. USA.   —  December 13th, 2007Feel free to pass this message on. 


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