Myself is the Project

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It has been several years since I have posted on this blog.  I’ve renewed my commitment to write often.

This is a commitment to fervently blog sharing my transformational process of how I have gathered knowledge. I have been coming more attuned to limit gathering information from outside of myself. This includes classes, books, materials and anything that would be considered to be from outside of my human being. I have learned and become a gatherer of information from within myself; thus learning about my truth.   Long Story Short…I  was and continue to be a work in progress; I am the Project. My experience with this Project has been to be in silence, listen, value and integrate wisdom and knowledge from the intelligence of my heart space.  Which In turn has been for me to manifest heart knowledge into my attitude, behaviors and activities in the 3D realm.   Thanks for checking in with this blog, I’ll share more soon.


Who Do I Know That I AM

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How do I explain or provide a detailed description about ‘knowing”? Having the facility to ‘just know’ the efficacy of something opens doors to additional exploration for my curiosity. There is a process that comes with ‘knowing’.

Intuitive knowing explores the realm of possibility without the mind mapping out a direction. It takes on a pattern. A heart felt directive exploring an idea’s trail; embracing new concepts as we take ownership; and wrapping ourselves in it’s behavior in order to learn and experience the impact of the cause (acting as if).

This has been an experiential process whereby, I become enveloped in the process with conviction and without judgment.

This is a process from which I learned about ‘just knowing’ about the truth of something. I involved myself with a new idea. After ruminating and entertaining additional exploration, thoughts come to my attention. The thought process is like a gigantic web of information, perhaps like a spider weaving the fabric of its universe around itself. This web of information defines who I AM and how I view my existence. Hundreds and thousands of times in this lifetime, from childhood, my youth, as a young adult and now in later adulthood, I have sorted things. Sifted ideals to either be included or excluded; which resulted in things to be in my life or to be out of my life. Basically what fits for me? Can you imagine the many paths that I have gone down and circled back to my main journey? Always exploring the idea, wearing it for fit and suitability while aiming to experience its impact.

A lifetime of being vulnerable to questions either from myself or from others. The old saying “all who wander are not lost”. For those who are seekers of the truth of their soul’s purpose there is a lifetime of attempting to be accountable and justifiable. As for my personal and professional life, I have repeatedly adapted to new environments to fit into the mainstream of things in this society and local cultural customs and mores. Adaptability is resilience. Attempting to fit, many times over, into the infracture of this 3rd dimensional social fabric. Working in and with the various religious, political, social, familial and economic systems to recognize a sense and a familiarity of being at home.

In reviewing life’s circumstances I see the things which have not worked for me. What causes me to ask ‘why’,’ why not’ and try over and over. This has led me to become more exclusive and inclusive of persons, things and ideas into my life. Seaching for my soul’s purpose. I have either excluded or included into my life by “my knowing”. As I searched to learn that which is true for me, has come by experience. Repetition of experiences was validating each truth of my experience and for my life.

My process of ‘knowing’ is when a concept becomes my authentic truth and strengthens the legitimacy of an idea.

I feel an obligation to you the reader who maybe needs additional supportive cognitive information. I suppose I could list various authors for you to research, however, this would be someone else’s recipe.

Ten years ago, during my all but brief stay in Pagosa Springs, CO, an acquaintance asked if I had heard about Wingmakers. The Wingmakers material was placed on the internet. I began to search the internet and located the information, then several years later I came upon a related website, Lyricus Teaching Order. I found the information stimulating to my curiosity and broadened the scope and realm of possibility for self discovery. I read the information, downloaded material, received copies of poetry, art work, and music from CD’s as well as registered to receive the latest releases of information.

In previous discussions with some acquaintances, as well as with myself, there was wondering about the material’s efficacy. Yes, I wondered, yet I continued to be drawn towards it. My curiosity was encouraged. I learned of my vastness. Catching glimpses of my presence in parallel universes and claiming placement in Divine Hyperspace. In awe, I turned to current writers of science, picked books about superstring theory, space/time and the nature of reality. I re-read The Keys of Enoch, going through and underlining the Urantia Book , finding consolation in the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East and the ancient alternative scriptures. I learned by making comparisons that these resources offered a similar thread of self realization. My mind does not grasp the entirety of the merging of science and spiritually, but my heart resonates and continues to wheel toward this understanding. It is a matter of the heart.

The vastness of us is beyond the comprehension of our mind. As John Berges wrote in the When-Which-How Practice: a guide for everyday use: “Our skin is not the boundary of ourselves. The space between us is precisely what connects us, and we move into the next dimension of our selfhood we earn the opportunity to experience a new transparency into wholeness and a new accessibility to our heart’s intuitive guidance”.

Science and spiritually are merging. The Wingmakers material predicted it, physicists discover the emergence and write about it, the shamans and philosophers postulate the insight. We are being introduced to the universal field and we participate in this realm as co-creators. Taking the path to the Universal Field we are guided by the compass of our heart’s intuitive knowing.

As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts. Please feel free to share them here.


Coming Together In Synchronicity

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Awakening from a night of fitful sleep, I climbed out of bed very drowsy from roller coaster night of leg, arm and lower back pain. Quick to consider all of the physical causes and reasons for feeling like I had been hit by a Mack Truck, I am learning to discern. It is the Energy!

Wondering about the frequency vibrations which are settling upon Terra Gaia and how it is impacting my body, I lumber into the living room, walking with a very slow and shuffling gait. I was feeling dissatisfied with myself.
It is the Energy!

Sometimes I can be very quick to entertain judgment about myself. Criticism that is flavored with dismay; having not lost enough weight, having not been eating the ‘right foods’, to few hours of exercise, and there is more, or not enough and so on and so forth. This tirade on myself has been taking short cuts as of late. It is the Energy! I have been less critical of myself for much shorter periods of time.

This is a welcomed relief. I have learned to take a breath and in doing so, I’m nudged by an insight, It is the Energy! “you are who and what your affirmations have been guiding you towards”.

Hurray! I can move on to the next “nudge” or understanding that is to come to my attention.

The ‘nudge’ can be very simple, and was for me to get ready for the day. I needed to shower, do my hair and my nails in preparation for ‘maybe’ being called to a critical incident stress management assignment. I told the company, with whom I’m contracted, that I would be available today and this weekend. Thus, my needing to become ‘sort of prepared’ for a call to provide immediate critical incident stress management intervention. The bulk of my private practice is the facilitation of CISM.

As a licensed independent clinical social worker in private practice, I have been using Thought Field Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing techniques for clients with traumatic experience and post traumatic stress syndrome. In May of 07, I left a position as a management services consultant to began expanding my private practice. I have experienced myself being positioned to work in more and more circumstances of trauma, workplace injury and death, natural disasters, robberies, theft and man made disasters. And for individual counseling of clients coming there has been early childhood trauma issues, and some come with a variety of current traumas.

My career challenges are in alignment with some of my Spiritual Writings and Visioning that I did over 10 years ago. However, allow me to digress from a chronology of events, as I would like to explain additional examples of ‘nudges’.

I have been following a ‘nudge’ which began in 1996:

“I am positioning myself to be available for earth disasters and to be sent to the people in these areas to offer professional intervention on a one to one basis as well as provide psychological first aide support. I have learned that upon my being there in a Presence of Divine Love I offer a transmutation of the energy surrounding the disasters.”

As we know the energy that people magnetize and have attachment with hold impact for Terra Gaia, and transmutation, clearing and cleansing the traumatic field is important to be rid of the emotional and mental pollution that the disasters bring to the Earth and the people living in that space.

But, wait a minute! In the midst of March 2008, maybe my plans will be changing. Many of the web blog writers offer much conversation about an energetic surge from the mulitiverse all of which will be changing things. As we learn and know the frequency vibration is changing all of the social fabric and cultural institutions. Seemingly like setting us and all that is in our 3rd Dimensional experience on it’s proverbial head. They say, we can be expecting to have our life very different. Letting go of the old ways of seeing, living, doing and to entertain ‘just being’. So, I seem to be needing to allow myself to transition from task oriented and riveted on accomplishments to the settling in this place of BEING. This is the hard part, but I learned that I have my ‘nudges’ to accompany my decision making. I am not alone. It is the Energy!

An approach I use to remain in the present, in the eternal now of my current centeredness with my spirit and soul purpose, is to practice frequent and regular mediation. My mediation theme is centered through the heart energy and divine love from the Source of My Being. Thus I was accessing understanding and information from my heart center. This allows me to hear from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence ideas and understanding through the ‘nudges’ which are heart centered.

Recently, I succumbed to the flu. I had a flu fever and in bed for 6 days with 4 other days recovering from being ‘laid up’. I practiced accessing my inner truth from my heart center during this ‘down time’ to learn about how the surge of higher energy is impacting my consciousness and awareness. The flu, fever and being physically uncomfortable was causing me to be unhappy, in judgment, opinionated over being sick and impatient. I learned from the various dream videos how things work for me and they whirled past very fast and I requested that they slow down so that I could understand the videos. I was given additional opportunities to learn from additional dream videos and they slowed down from which I learned.

I was provided with a video which demonstrated what I am calling ‘multidimensional matrix of my other selves with empowerment of action set through divine will’. The matrix was a pyramid. This pyramid shape was fashioned in the concept of a ‘rubik cube’. Each side of each rubik cube had a face of a sentient being, a human face. All of the various faces were animated and held expressions – some were of profiles and others were head shots. This rubik cube phenomenon demonstrated that cubes had the capability of being in motion. Some where whirling in very slow motion; others were as a still shot, while yet others were speeding around with faces indistinguishable. The rubik cube pyramid was action, some life streams were whirling in a vertical directions, others were moving in a horizontal movement. Cubes were either moving faster, standing still or moving very slowly.

Things are being aligned and our waiting affects all of us in this massive alignment process. We are being aligned with other life streams as I like to say, ‘my other selves’. The multidimensional matrix of my other selves speaks to my choice of clearly stating my intention and my choice of Being in accord with Divine Will and in Divine Timing. Experiencing the organic flow associated with the multidimensional matrix of my other selves provided me an opportunity to embrace the whole of Divine Will In Divine Timing. The newly arriving energy from the higher realms provides me with a renewed patience to wait and see and an opportunity to practice self forgiveness.

Leaving the old reality where we can no longer make things happen by ourselves, but we are activated through the multidimensional matrix which is geared up to move when all is ready or in alignment. I believe that in order to entertain my activities from my ‘nudges’ that I need to withdraw through the future. The dream video has shown the reality of being in alignment to a larger vision and process of accomplishment. In synchronicity I become animated upon being in alignment with Divine Will and Divine Timing.


Standing Still In a State of Being

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“I was moving amid the chaos, providing comfort, advice and direction to this leader.

The leader came to assist us on a project leaving her familiar place. The leader’s attention was being distracted by a sudden and severe condition. The severity left her in a condition of increasing and extreme helplessness. Being rendered helpless and unable to make decisions as a leader would, her condition continued to worsen. Stumbling and falling to the ground, the leader was at the mercy of those around her.

She was unaware of her need for help, but would obtain help when assistance was necessary. Those from her familiar place, were anxious about her safety, and they were involved in the leaders safe return to her familiar place. As her condition would change, the means by which the leader would return to her familiar place would change. As her depression into chaos would increase, so too would the arrangements change.

Arrangements were made and canceled as her condition worsened. The earliest intervention was to have her drive her car back which was canceled to making arrangements for her to be escorted back by myself. Her impending decline would have her being taken by a immediate taxicab, however, this was changed to having her fly back to her familiar place on a commercial jet. Subsequently, theses plans were scratched and a private airplane was arranged. Since the leader was sinking into a deepened depression of chaos, she was escorted to her familiar place, by a MediEvac Airplane.”

Throughout the long night of dreamtime, the orchestration of the leader’s return was on the center stage of this drama.

Upon awakening, I felt exhausted. The leader’s circumstances, self care abilities and capacity were greatly diminished. Upon observing her helplessness, she was very vulnerable and at risk of harm. An assessment of situation was in constant review and appeared that the safety of the leader was always taken into consideration.

Persons who were from the leaders familiar place had offered money in exchange for my help. With each offering of payment, I refused. Telling them “this is what people do from their heart with compassion and understanding, we help”.

I recognized my dreamtime focus of the Six Heart Virtues of Divine Love. I was drawing upon the energy and accessing it to impact the circumstances. Bringing the Six Heart Virtues forward to influence myself, allowed me to be rest assured that I am following what is in the Highest Well Being for All. And, I embraced the Source of my Strength. Being encircled and embraced in Divine Love from the Great Central Sun was the prelude to Standing Still in BEING.

This is what it is all about! It is BEING. In a state of BEING, ideas, solutions, and means for resolution manifest an answer to one’s need. BEING brings into authenticity the truth of the moment. This is a new way of BEING, it is simpler and lacks complexity and struggle. My presence in BEING were met with gratitude and appreciation.

In the dreamtime scenario, there was a Presence in BEING. This Presence manifested the specific answer to the leader’s need. The leader’s condition demanded different means of intervention to maintain her safety, the remedy just appeared. It truly is a Bud-A-Bing, instant creation. Remaining within the Stillness of BEING and holding the Intention of the Six Virtues to flow through and into the quantum energy of the authentic heart frequency vibration, brings into the 3rd dimension the answers of the need.

Letting go; releasing the pain of fear; seeing the beauty of moving forward without reservation augments this creation. Feeling the virtue of a moment’s action and standing within its strength, without wavering in uncertainty. The status of our new mortality is to remain decisive and not to be displaced from our knowing ” THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR BEING”.

Personal pain from skepticism; society’s sanctioning of pressures; educational and religious authorities; financial, political and governmental institutions which to imprison us and have us remain steadfast in their delusion. Stepping outside of these pressures is threatening and support from others is minimal. Sometimes I have these pressures staring me in the face. These powers surface into my attention via familiar faces of former acquaintances of friends and families and flash backs provide a video scenario of their thoughts and judgments.

I have come to realize that these flash backs are former lessons learned and former lessons resolved, and I say ” this is not mine to deal with and this does not belong to me any more”, thank you very much and go away”. Now, the umbilicus is and has been cut. The lessons learned and lessons resolved no longer have an impact upon my choices. My authentic energetic heart is tethered to the Shifting Transition of the Earth, Beings of the Earth and Beings Beyond the Earth.

Abiding in Transition to a Higher Frequency of Vibration is a State of Being rather than being in a state of doing.

My experience brings to my attention that the leader’s needs continued to arise and demanded change and the resolve were always answerable to the need. There is an abundance and it manifests before ‘doing’ . The needs are always met with a resolve to answer accurately and righteously. I believe that for me to anchor a State of BEING my needs are manifested through virtue. The virtue shows up and the resolution is met.


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